Our Mission

We exist to restore hope and dignity to the victims of sex trafficking by rehabilitating and empowering them with sustainable opportunities through education and vocational training.

While human trafficking has been an issue for centuries now, only recently has it received so much attention. Unfortunately, research reveals that approximately 80% of the money raised for human trafficking is spent on awareness programs. We believe that awareness is important, but we stand by our initial convictions that in order to affect change, you must walk with those that suffer.

Set Beautiful Free is intervening to rescue, rehabilitate and restore victims of human trafficking through advocacy initiatives, opportunities of empowerment and safe shelter. Effective survivor care is the most important step in the road to recovery and unfortunately, many shelters are inadequately equipped to provide care and counseling to those who’ve been rescued from these situations.  We desire to bring immediate relief to suffering women and children, and change the trajectory of their lives through our education programs, vocational training unit, health clinics and living quarters.


Set Beautiful Free believes that in order to transform lives, we must walk in their shoes.

Our outreach team is on the streets day after day living among those suffering in the red light districts, counseling them through their individual circumstances, convincing them of a future outside these areas. With a team comprising ex-pimps, ex- prostitutes and ex- brothel owners who were once trapped in these same conditions, those still living in the brothels are able to relate, identify and find hope in their transformed lives. The team’s daily presence and their willingness to enter into the lives of the suffering, to walk into their rooms and sit next to them on their beds as they cry and share their pain begins the process towards rescue and recovery. In 2016 alone, our outreach team worked with 3,837 people and fed 3,742 widows and patients in the districts.


Over 90% of those trapped in these red light areas suffer from some type of sexually transmitted disease and thousands more from diseases like tuberculosis, typhoid and malaria. With a clear need for medical attention, we have two medical clinics in Turbhe and Kamathipura that offer women and children living here free medical advice and treatment in their current living quarters. Once out of the area, we have nurses and nutritionists on staff to restore them back to health. Our homes and campuses are equipped to provide the care and compassion needed for these victims to feel whole again.


Our focus on education begins in the very places that disadvantages its’ victims. With a literacy program in Turbhe, our staff offers those trapped in these areas with an opportunity to learn and educate themselves.

In our own facilities in Badlapur, we provide options to join our on campus open classroom system or a school in the area. With a focus on world class education, we inaugurated the BTC Academy for Learning in January where we hope our children will dream big and empower themselves with the opportunities at their fingertips.

With a vision to literally Set the Beautiful Free, we realized the dire need to create an avenue for the women to be trained vocationally and create opportunities that could provide sustainable incomes for the independence of these women. This training is an empowering tool that not only provides healing to participants but also brings about a sense of self-confidence to support oneself with dignity and skill.